Micro Enterprise

is already effective in Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.

In Laos, Life Aid Australia has assisted a number of villagers to become self sufficient. The villagers, after training, develop an enterprise suited to the local economy.
With minimal start up capital they have started fish, frog or poultry farms. Some have expanded to  several farms. This provides the villagers with an income and builds the local economy.

Life Aid Australia assists various communities to establish small businesses and is only limited to the imagination and entrepreneurship of the local community (and the laws of the country). For example, Life Aid Australia intends to start in Zimbabwe, a small poultry farm and encourage the local community to expand this to an organic large scale farm employing and training many in the community.


PROJECT NAME:               Laos Microfinance 1

LOCATION:                       Vientiane Province LAOS

DEVELOPING COUNTRY PARTNER:      Laos International Relief Foundation


  • Vocational Training
  • Develop small businesses including tailoring/fish farm and coffee plantation
  • Provide a community training centre



This project is a pilot project developing small business in Laos designed to increase employment in a highly poverty indebted country with little opportunities. With a combination of loans and grants this project hopes to increase employment opportunities and provide a sustainable income to communities.


This project will finish in ……

 Funds Required:                      No Funds Required.